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ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 Galleries   2008-07-21

ELECTRO-ROBOT GalleriesIn GALERIA section on ELECTRO-ROBOT Programu website we add four photographic rates from ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008.

Explanation have operations develop on purpose in avalanche rate Klodzko scandal. Soon more details.
We advice visit our Lastfm.pl forum in post: NIE dla aborcji Projektu ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA (NO for abortion of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA Project!), where we collect links for materials about scandal on Kłodzko event.




Enjoy The Silence?   2008-06-19

It has not expressed official state of Kłodzko City Hall in problem of event on ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008!
For all, which were advice in on ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 on 12th July 2008 in Kłodzko we recommend this site (section: kalendarium - date: 12th lipca [in polish])!




Power station hit by the thunderbolt?!   2008-07-14

On the 12th of July 2008 there would have taken place second edition of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA at Kłodzko Fortress. It was a non-profit character event with European range. In spite of stream of unfortunate random accidents which started in the very morning (inter alia: car accident of sound implementation support group on their road to Kłodzko, break-in into the transformer station and damage of main stage energizing line), we made every effort so the event could take place with the shortest delay as it was possible. The sound checks of all the bands were finished and we were short of 15 minutes to begin the great holiday of alternative music in Kłodzko. In this moment we definitely got deprived of power. An interesting thing is that only the main stage energizing line was out of electric power.
The process of actions aiming to cancel the event has social character with strong religious background. During a few days preceding performances of the bands at Kłodzko Fortress, there arose some groups of catholic activists collecting signatures to cancel the concerts within ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA, where suppose to be spread contents of satanic cult. All the people interested in concerts and acquainted with output of the artists, they know very well that these stories are totally made up. Surprising activity of this group of Kłodzko citizens, completed with submitting an petition to the Kłodzko Mayor, was another attack on a freedom of speech guaranteed to us by the Republic of Poland Constitution.
In the night from 11th to 12th July 2008 there was committed a break-in into the transpormator station and the main stage energizing cables were cut. After many hours spent trying to contact with technical services, employees of Kłodzko Sport & Recreation Centre arrived to remove the damage. The Police Station in Kłodzko was immediately informed about this incident. This act of vandalism was another step to prevent the execute the project at Kłodzko Fortress. As a result of breakdown the sound checks of the bands began with over 3 hours delay. It finished with complete lack of power, and as previously it concerned only this line (there was electricity in the other parts of Kłodzko Fortress and in the city). As we were informed in the Power Company the lack of power will for sure continue for at least next 6 hours.
We, as organizers of the event, did everything what was in our range to make the concerts run. Apparently the Higher Power decided that this event would not be brought into effect.
Shame, sorrow, disappointment, anger and distress manifold, filled the hearts of all participants of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008: organizers, bands, technical support group, citizens of Kłodzko and primarily all the fans of alternative music who came to Kłodzko from entire Europe.
It’s really hard to put the apologies into words, which we want to tell to all the people who took part in work over this event, bands and their fans! Sorry is not enough!
This precedent should find its final in Attorney’s Office and we want to take care of that.
We are waiting for the official statement of Kłodzko City Hall, which will be known today after 14.00 o`clock and you will be informed about.

With sadness and disappointment,
Wiktor Krokodyl @ ELECTRO-ROBOT Program



English version of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 website  2008-06-19

The web side of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 was enriched by English version.
Project comes into the last preparation phase and presents itself more and more interesting everyday.
We invite on 12th July 2008 to Klodzko, to see this very special event!




Machine is blasted off! New website ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA  2008-05-23

After thorough lifting and tightening slacken screws, new website of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA is starting in 2008 version ;-]
We hope that you will enjoy using it.
In case of any remarks, opinions and proposals - you are invited to Information / contact section.
English language version of website is currently in translation and we hope that in a few coming days will be activated Archival website from year 2007 will be available in June 2008.




ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008...  2008-05-17

After successful, over half-year preparation we start with a new version of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA website and official information about this year`s music holiday in over 1000-years old Klodzko ;-]
As we announced before on ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA will "rule" letter D.

To perform within ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 were invited the following bands: DIARY OF DREAMS (Germany), Digital Factor (Germany), Daimonion (Poland), Deathcamp Project (Poland). The event will be accompanied with multimedia vernissage of exhibition Wiktor Krokodyl – "13 MUSES - or life without women would be boring", which will be musically framed by the concert of WIKTOR 37 within next edition of multimedia Project ELEKTROWNIA
On 11th July 2008 at 21:00 hour at KORONA Hotel will take place Warming Up the Reactor of ALTERNATYWNA TWIERDZA 2008 – HOT RAIN concert.



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